Motorcycle Accident Solicitors in Chester

Once a collision occurs at high speed between a motorcyclist and another vehicle, the driver could be crushed by the impact or thrown quite a distance. If the accident was not the fault of the motorcyclist, a claim for compensation could be made from the negligent driver.

In the UK there are provisions made in all motor vehicle insurance packages for the driver or passengers of a vehicle that incur injuries to be able to claim compensation if the accident was not their fault. It is compulsory in Britain for all vehicle drivers to carry such insurance so that passengers in a car or on a motorbike are covered.

If you have received injuries from a motorcycle accident, the accident was not your fault and it took place less than 3 years ago, then you should be contacting us at Lamb Legal. With a team of Motorcycle Accident Solicitors in Chester, we have a personal injury solicitor available to assess your situation in relation to putting in a claim for compensation. We do not waste anyone’s time or money, as we will only go ahead with a claim if we think we can win the case.

Every motorcycle accident and the resulting injuries are treated differently, depending on the hardship caused by the injuries. If permanent disability is the result and the long term effects are loss of income and dependency on painkiller, then the compensation payment will be higher. Our experienced personal injury solicitors at Lamb Legal know what information is required to put in for a good compensation package.

Once your accident compensation has been lodged and negotiations begin to take please, we assure you that we will seek to recover the maximum possible compensation payable – nothing less will do! If, in the unlikely event the case is not won, then you still won’t lose out thanks to our ‘no win, no fee’ service.