Car Accident Solicitors in Liverpool

If you’ve suffered a car accident then you’ll need some proof, particularly if there were no eye witnesses. To begin with, it is essential to report the matter to the police so that there is at least a written record of the accident. In many cases, the police will soon be present at the accident site to record the details.

It will not be easy taking on a car accident injury claim on your own as you are far more vulnerable when it comes to determining the cash amount, due to limited knowledge. At this point, it is a good idea to contact a local personal injury solicitor at our office at Lamb Legal. Our Car Accident Solicitors in Liverpool will appoint a personal solicitor to your case who will let you know almost immediately what your chances are of winning the case. We will also be able to tell you the expected value of a compensation package. We will not take on a case that has no chance of winning.

You should not hesitate to seek compensation as it is your legal right to be compensated for injuries you have received from a negligent driver. At Lamb Legal we offer a free service on a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement for any car accident injury claim, so whatever the outcome of your case, you will not pay a thing. Usually, it is unnecessary to go to court as we settle the case with the concerned parties. Once we receive the compensation on your behalf we will give you the full amount as our fees are paid by the losing party.