Car Accident Solicitors in Chester

Before you can get compensation, it is essential to find proof that the party who caused the accident was negligent. The compensation payment will include an amount for the victim’s suffering which could include pain endured, loss of ability to do things and loss of income.

Any personal injury car accident compensation claim should be followed up within three years from the actual date of the accident. Contact one of our Car Accident Solicitors in Chester, and our experienced personal injury solicitors can assist you in getting the compensation that is justly yours. At Lamb Legal it is our absolute aim to ensure that we recover the maximum compensation payable.

When we compile your car accident compensation claim, we will ask you about any additional medical expenses you might have incurred while recovering from your injuries. These could include taxi fares to the doctor’s surgery because you were unable to drive, or the added cost of prescription medicines to help heal your wounds. You may also suffer mentally from your accident, which might include fear or anxiety. Finally, we will take into account any lost income that you have suffered from non–attendance at work due to your injuries.

The solicitor that takes on your case will soon know whether you have reasonable grounds for a compensation payment. We do not offer any false hopes and we offer a ‘no win, no fee’ service. On top of this, we guarantee that we will recover the maximum compensation payable from the losing party.