Kitchen Accident Claims

Personal Injury Claims for Chefs, Waiters and Catering Professionals

Working in a kitchen or restaurant can be a highly rewarding professional but it comes with many potential risks and hazards. The kitchen is an environment where you are constantly having to watch your back, avoid dangerous equipment such as hot cookers and grills as well as potentially harmful cleaning chemicals.

As well as the possibility of burns and scalds, the regularly cleaning needed in a professional kitchen means floors are often wet and slip injuries are a possibility. Spills are also likely with the hustle and bustle of busy service times so the high number of risks means that many procedures, risk assessments and other protective measures need to be provided by the employer in every instance. Appropriate precautions help to ensure that kitchen accidents do not occur.

Safety Responsibilities in the Kitchen

Employees have a responsibility for ensuring their own safety in the workplace but employers are also responsible in many ways. All employers have a legal obligation to protect their kitchen staff and all staff who enter their kitchens from hazards by carrying out proper risk assessments, providing full training and having a well-produced and comprehensive health and safety policy. If any element of the policy or procedures in place are found to have failed and a kitchen accident does occur then the employee has a much higher chance of a successful claim for compensation.

Claiming for a Kitchen Accident

If you have suffered a personal injury due to an accident in your kitchen workplace and it wasn’t your fault then you have case for a kitchen accident claim that Lamb Legal. Solicitors can help you with. An accident that wasn’t your fault can be anything from a fracture after slipping or tripping or burns or scalds. A kitchen accident claim will cover compensation for the physical and mental trauma and injury suffered as well as any loss of earning and related costs such as prescriptions and similar expenses.

Common Kitchen Accidents and Injuries

Kitchens and catering environments must be managed with close adherence to Health and Safety Executive guidelines and this means that there must be very specific risk assessments to avoid a whole range of common accidents and injuries as well as more severe and unexpected events too.

The most common kitchen injuries are burns or scalds as chefs and catering staff regularly need to carry hot food and drinks and are in an environment with hot equipment and often boiling water required too. Whilst employers cannot entirely eliminate the risk of burns and scalds, they can ensure the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided to protect employees in the most practical way.

Slips and falls are also quite common as kitchen floors are regularly cleaned because of the food hygiene requirements and spillages too can be frequent, especially in busy times. All areas in and around a kitchen should be free of clutter and hazards to ensure a clear path to and from the dining area to the kitchen and with this type of setup the risk of slips and trips should be minimal.

Lacerations occur due to the wide number of sharp tools needed in the kitchen, from knives to industrial-grade slicers, graters and more. Workers must be trained to use any dangerous tools, from something as simple as a knife because a training record ensures the employer is protected if an injury does occur.

Your Kitchen Accident Compensation Claim

In the majority of instances, in fact almost every single time, if you suffer an accident in a professional kitchen any compensation you seek will be claimed from your employer. We appreciate how stressful this can be and believe this is why you need a professional and experienced personal injury solicitors to support you and ensure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Lamb Legal Solicitors are highly experienced in working with personal injury claims of all kinds, including those relating to specifically to kitchen accidents and injuries. We draw on this experience to achieve an excellent success rate with compensation claims for personal injuries including kitchen accidents. We work hard on the behalf of our clients to ensure that they get the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries.

We offer all of our legal services on a “no win no fee” basis and therefore if you have any concerns about your kitchen accident claim you can get in touch and discuss your situation with us, and we’ll happily arrange a free consultation for you.

To maximise the chance of success of your claim you should do all you can to document and record things as they happen. This is of course difficult if you have a medical emergency or issue to deal with but if you can, ensure that accident reports on site are filled out as well as photographs are taken and that you make sure you have a note of any colleagues present. Make sure you seek medical attention even if the injury doesn’t seem too serious initially. The sooner you can build legal proceedings the better as it raises the chance of how successful your claim may be and in most instances claims will not be able to be processed or taken on after three years of the accident date.

If you work as a chef or as a professional in the catering industry and have suffered an accident which you think was the fault of your employer then please get in touch and we’ll do all we can to help, advice and fight for your right to maximum compensation. Get in touch today for more information.