Accident At Work Compensation

Statistics indicate that more than 500,000 workers experienced an accident at work between 2017 and 2018. Nearly half these injuries led to more than three days taken off work and around 71,000 entailed absences of more than seven days. Slips, trips and falls made up more than half of all reported major injuries and almost a third of over three day off work injuries. Around two million days at work were lost because of slips and trips and handling injuries.
The number of injuries and the number of fatalities in workplaces have gradually fallen in Britain over the years but they are still common enough to cause a major disruption to many people’s lives. Chronic pain and loss of earnings are only two aspects of the fall out from an injury sustained in a work place.If you have been injured in your work place and it took place within the last three years, then you are entitled to put in for an Accident at Work Compensation payment. All accidents are due to negligence in some way or another, so compensation is a way of ensuring that the injured party has some relief from the burden and suffering from an uncalled for injury.

Our personal injury solicitors at Lamb Legal have an excellent track record of winning claims for injuries that have occurred in the workplace. All you have to do is to make an appointment with one of our experienced and considerate solicitors, who will offer you free, friendly and honest advice. Once we have decided that your Accident at Work Compensation claim is valid and we think we can win your case, we will start the ball rolling.

If we are unsuccessful in winning your Accident at Work Compensation claim, then you are covered by our no win no fee service.