Spine Injury Claim

Becoming paralysed as the result of a car accident or serious fall at work or from a building is everybody’s worst nightmare. When an accident is the result of somebody else’s negligence or bad driving, then it makes the accident particularly poignant, as one will probably think for the rest of one’s life that it could always have been avoided.
Here at Lamb Legal, we have the utmost sympathy and concern for anybody who has suffered serious injuries to their spine, as we recognise that even the very best support and rehabilitation will never restore the quality of life that the injured had beforehand. However, any person injured when somebody else was clearly at fault, is entitled to make a Spine Injury Claim for compensation for their injuries and the ongoing treatment it will require and we are superbly qualified to provide the legal assistance to procure the very best compensation package for your claim.

Any spinal cord injury will involve a period of hospitailisation which may last from two to eight months, depending on the location in the spine of the damaged tissue. Rehabilitation and a life changing support system will be needed after being released from initial hospital care. A good compensation package will mean it can help to pay for any private medical costs required immediately, as well as assistance in making all those necessary changes further down the track. There are a number of heartwarming cases of people who have gone on to lead fantastic lives after spinal cord injuries, Steven Hosking’s contributions to the world of science and the paralympians’ much publicised achievements being notable examples. A Spinal Injury Claim can make all the difference to the life of somebody who is paralysed.

Lamb Legal make a guarantee that they will pursue the very best Spine Injury Claim possible and secure the maximum compensation for the injured party. We offer our “no win no fee” arrangement, which means that you will never have to worry about legal costs, as they will be absolutely free, and we even extend our home or hospital visit service to you wherever you are located in Britain.