Spinal Injuries

It cannot be emphasised enough that one of the worst types of injuries that can be received due to an accident on the roads or at work is an injury to the spinal cord.

Every day it is estimated that three people receive spinal injuries somewhere in Britain. Most of these injuries require specialised treatment and care for very long periods, possibly for the rest of the person’s lifetime, although there is some hope that stem cell research will lead to better treatment in the future. The cost of treatment is huge and it is vital that anybody who is affected by a spinal cord injury that was caused by an accident for which they were not at fault should consider making a claim for compensation.

Although a compensation payment will never restore the quality of life that a person had before their accident, it will go a long way to making life more comfortable and satisfying. Spinal injuries involve long term rehabilitation and care which involve ongoing costs both to the national health system and to the victim him or herself. There is likely to be an initial period in hospital which could last anywhere between two to eight months, and, after this, there will be many other issues to sort out. These might include such things as facilities for toilet needs and the relief of pressure sores as well as mobility needs. The latter may include the provision of a wheelchair, modifications to a vehicle and the family home.

As all this treatment costs a lot of money, it is important that anybody making a compensation claim should use the very best personal injury legal service that they can find. The better the compensation payment that is negotiated, the more likely the victim will be able to lead as normal life as possible in the future. Anybody who has received injuries due to an accident for which they are not responsible is perfectly entitled to making a claim for just compensation.

Here at Lamb Legal we have had many years of experience dealing with the victims of spinal injuries. Our dedicated team of personal injury solicitors are able to offer you all the assistance you need to make a claim for compensation in accordance with the severity of your injuries and the likely future costs of treatment and rehabilitation.

As with all our personal injury cases, we offer our “no win no fee” arrangement which ensures that in the event that your case is unsuccessful that you do not have to pay a thing for our service, while if we win the case on your behalf you get to keep every penny of your compensation payment.