No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

Lamb Legal has a well deserved reputation as a successful firm of personal injury solicitors, who specialise in No Win No Fee Compensation Claims. We are experts at settling claims for car and workplace accidents. Because we offer a no win no fee agreement, We will take up your case and it will cost you nothing at all.
We assess your circumstances and one of our group of specialist personal injury solicitors will be responsible for handling your case. Of course, we will only take it up if we sincerely believe that your claim will be successful. And above all we have the integrity to never offer any false hopes to our clients.

The first thing you need to do is to make contact with us and we will conduct an assessment of your situation in relation to the injury you received under our No Win no Fee Compensation Claims service. If one of our experienced solicitors considers you have a legitimate claim and that someone else is responsible for your injury then the solicitor will inform the particular person that a claim is going to be lodged against them.

A doctor will be asked to review the injury and that might involve a medical examination. We at Lamb Legal are serious about piecing all the facts together in an appropriate way so that our No Win No Fee Compensation Claims are successful.

Once we have established that you have a valid claim, we will compile a list of your losses accumulated as a result of your injury. This may cover loss of income and any further losses you may incur in the future. It will be useful if you can supply any written records of any extra payments you have made as a result of your injuries. This could be taxi fares to the hospital or doctor as your injuries may prevent you from driving.

Once we have lodged your compensation claim then we hope to settle it out of court, but if a court case is necessary, we will pursue it through the courts.