Medical Negligence Compensation

Medical Negligence Compensation

As with injuries resulting from road accidents, it is possible to claim Medical Negligence Compensation if you have been inflicted with an injury or an illness due to medical negligence.
It is clear that doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals are responsible for the care of patients, whether it is in hospital or in the patients own home. If there is any failure on their part in the course of their duty and injury is caused to a patient they may be required to pay compensation to the victim as a form of reparation.

Medical Negligence Compensation claims are not simple and providing proof of negligence might not be as easy as one thinks. In the context of a road accident, it is far easier to determine who was at fault than in a hospital situation. It is first necessary to decide what the expected duty of care was supposed to be in the situation in question and that this duty of care was not followed appropriately.

If you think you have been a victim of medical negligence and the incident happened within the last three years and any injury or suffering that was inflicted on you was not your fault, then you should be contacting one of our experienced personal injury solicitors at Lamb Legal who can assess your chances of gaining Medical Negligence Compensation for an injury you received while in the hands of a member of the British medical profession.

If you are unable to call in at our office, we can arrange a free national home visit at your convenience, where your situation can be discussed and evaluated. Once we have decided if your claim is a valid one and we have a good chance of gaining a compensation package for you, then we will put your case in motion by compiling the appropriate details and then forward it on to the responsible party.

We only take on compensation claims that we think we have a high chance of winning. In most cases the claim is settled without the need for a court appearance. We will not entertain any offers which result in you recovering anything less than the maximum compensation payable. In the unlikely situation of us losing the case, you will be covered by our “no win no fee” arrangement and you will not be charged for the work undertaken in progressing the claim for you.