Medical Negligence

The health care provided by the NHS and private hospitals and dentists within the UK is generally good. However, there are occasions when that standard falls below par and injury is caused resulting in pain, suffering and even death.If you have suffered injury as a result of poor medical care from a private or publicly funded hospital, GP or dentist, then we can help bring a claim for medical or clinical negligence against the company or body where you were treated.

We at Lamb Legal specialise in bringing claims following treatment which has gone wrong and which has caused suffering to you. One of our qualified solicitors will handle your case from start to finish ensuring that you receive the right medical care and rehabilitation you require during what is likely to be an anxious period in your life.

If your case is successful, you will recover compensation for your injury as well as any expenses brought about as a direct result of negligence against any member of the medical profession. These expenses will include:

Loss of earnings
Future loss of earnings
Medical treatment
Care and assistance

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