The Jackson Lees Foundation

Making a positive difference to people’s lives through the practice of law is a defining principle of the Jackson Lees Group. Throughout our history we have supported those who ordinarily could not find legal support.

We believe that legal practices have a duty to ensure that justice is done. We established the Jackson Lees Foundation to show what could and should be done by practices. Embarking on pro bono work where justice is at stake, funding access to justice charities and other charities committed to fairness in society is central to this commitment.

The aim of The Jackson Lees Foundation is to support disadvantaged groups within the community, under four pillars: justice, social, education and medical care.

The Four Pillars


Unfortunately, a lot of society are often left feeling like there is nowhere to turn to get the justice they deserve. Legal Aid cuts have made getting legal advice very difficult for many of the vulnerable of society.

Through our fundraising, we help ensure that everyone is afforded the access to justice that they deserve. We believe this a human right and we will keep fighting for direct access to justice.


Jackson Lees has been at the heart of our community for over a century. We have always looked to give back in various ways.

The Jackson Lees Foundation can help to make certain that there are flourishing communities across Liverpool, Wirral and Manchester, while ensuring that the individuals within them can thrive.


The Jackson Lees Foundation believe that everyone deserves a fantastic education, no matter what your background.

Not only are we continuing our own talks, drop-ins and seminars, but we help charities that are focussed on providing tutoring and training to those who may not have access to it without our help.

Medical Care

The Jackson Lees Foundation support people who are suffering from ill health or who need specific support because of disability or medical treatment.

Success stories

We were delighted to be informed that Hope+ had been selected as one of the inaugural charities to benefit from the setting up of the Jackson Lees Foundation. The donation of £7,500 gave us the financial security to enable us to sign a two year lease on a small van. This might not sound significant, but it has in fact transformed our work.

It has not just been the cash donation however. We have as an organisation, been very impressed by the involvement of so many of the staff at Jackson Lees. They have actively become involved in supporting us, with some staff coming to help out at pantry sessions, and all staff being encouraged to support us with practical donations.

Above all, the support of the Jackson Lees Foundation has been a significant if intangible, boost to the morale of our volunteers.

All of us at Hope+ continue to be very grateful for all the support that we have received from the Jackson Lees Foundation.

Nädine Daniel Project Manager Hope+ Liverpool

Your support has contributed enormously to the transformation of our beautiful but dilapidated barn building, helping to turn the space into a truly magical, immersive story-sharing centre for children. A huge part of our work involves encouraging children’s imaginations to take flight, and what better way to do this than to build a huge hot balloon?!

Your donation enabled us to bring to life one of the most popular areas of the Storybarn. Children love climbing inside our enormous balloon and enjoying stories, songs and plenty of imaginative play.

We have also been able to transform our ‘Story Garden’ into a place of adventure and fun, with the installation of our enormous ‘Story Slide’. Following one of our summer schools programmes, participating children were asked what they would most like to see at our new storytelling centre- a common request emerged amongst their responses: ‘an enormous slide which runs from the top of the building right down to the bottom!’

Your donation has helped to grant their wish, so many thanks indeed.

Holly Wagstaff Storybarn Developer The Reader


Jackson Lees Group staff regularly take part in fundraising activities for the Foundation. These include Tough Mudder, 5km, 10km and marathon runs, zip wiring, cupcake sales, donation boxes and many many more.

Can you help?

Our Fundraising team are always looking for people to participate in any activity that can help the Foundation. We would be thrilled to hear from you if you have an idea to raise funds or if you would like to support our cause.

Our latest donation

Jackson Lees has recently donated £10,000 to four charities. Read more.

Can we help your charity?

Every year the charities that we support are refreshed in order to support as many different charities under the four pillars. We want to ensure the funds are distributed fairly across a variety of different needs. If you would like to talk to our fundraising committee about this opportunity get in touch today.

PLEASE NOTE – the application process to be considered a Foundation charity for 2019 has now closed and applications for 2020 will open in early 2019.