Making A Claim

Below you’ll find 6 Simple Steps to the Compensation Process

Step 1   Initial Call

Our dedicated claims team will discuss full details of your claim with you at the outset and provide you with confirmation straight away as to whether we are able to take on your case. We will fully explain the claims process and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2   Simple Clear Paperwork

We will then send to you a simple pack of documents for you to complete and return to us. We will call you to talk you through these documents, which have been designed for their ease of reading and understanding.

Step 3   Claim Submitted

Once we receive the completed paperwork from you we will submit details of your claim to the insurers of the responsible party. They will then investigate the claim and come to a decision on liability. We will also make any further enquiries necessary, for example with the Police, any potential witnesses, etc. We will also obtain documentary evidence to support any financial losses you have incurred such as lost earnings, medical treatment, damaged clothing etc. and prepare a Schedule of Financial Loss on your behalf.

Step 4   Medical Examination

Whilst the other party’s insurers are making their investigations we will arrange a medical examination with a medical expert in your local area. They will examine you and prepare a report upon your injuries. A prognosis will be given within the report which will state how long the medical expert anticipates it will take you to achieve a full recovery. The level of compensation you receive is based upon the severity of your injuries and the length of time it is likely to take you to fully recover from your injuries.

Step 5   Submission of Settlement Pack

Once we have received your confirmation that you are happy with the medical report and Schedule of Financial Loss we will release them to the other party’s insurers and seek settlement of your claim. The other party’s insurers will then review the information and negotiations will begin.

Step 6   Negotiating Settlement

Our aim is to obtain for you maximum compensation, as quickly as possible. Sometimes the other party’s insurers will seek to offer less than you claim is worth. This is unacceptable to us and we will always strive to obtain the maximum possible compensation award for you. If we have to issue Court Proceedings to ensure that you receive the correct compensation we will do so. If this becomes necessary we will advise you every step of the way. Once a settlement has been reached we will endeavour to obtain payment for you from the other side as quickly as possible.