Head Injuries

Victims of a head injury have often been involved in a road traffic accident, but there are also many incidences that take place at work that can bring about a head injury as well.

All too often, drivers on our busy roads and motorways will insist upon driving far too fast and do not pay sufficient care and attention to the driving habits of other road users. Due to the lack of foresight accidents do occur and individuals are often killed or seriously hurt.

If victims are only affected by a minor head injury, any effects such as dizziness, headaches, blurred vision and double vision do not last a long time. However, a much more serious injury could trigger an epileptic fit or even worse could cause longer term harm to the actual normal functioning of the brain. The injury, if serious, could result in a large amount of money being paid out in a compensation claim as long as the accident was not the fault of the victim. Lamb Legal’s personal injury solicitors have thousands of hours of experience compiling claims for head injuries and securing a compensation package for the victim.

Even in your workplace, there are many situations that could take place such as a slip, a trip or a fall or even a heavy object falling from above that could inflict a head injury. Accidents that involve heavy machinery or falling objects on a building site can also be an unfortunate reality. All employers by law have the responsibility to make sure that there are regular risk assessments carried out in their workplaces and that the necessary safeguards are operative in the work place.

If you are an unfortunate victim of one of the many annual head injuries that take place in our country and it occurred in the last three years. If it happened because of a road accident or a workplace incident and it was not of your making, you should immediately contact one of our dedicated and experienced solicitors at Lamb Legal who are keen to ensure you will receive compensation for one of those life changing head injuries. If you lack mobility due to your injury and you cannot pay a visit to our office then we have on offer a free national home visit arranged at a time nominated by yourself.

It is not too difficult to decide if victims of particular head injuries are eligible to receive compensation. We will compile the required information and send it to the individual who was responsible for inflicting the injury. We rarely submit claims that only have a small chance of winning and we give our absolute guarantee that you will receive 100 percent of your payment. If, in the unlikely situation we fail to win, then you are protected by our “no win no fee” policy and you do not pay anything.