Complaints and claims against solicitors

Do you feel let down by your solicitors? Don’t worry, we understand what you are going through. Right now, you are unhappy with the way your claim is progressing and feel disheartened, frustrated, and maybe even angry too.

How do we know this?

Because we regularly help people who, like you, have suffered due to other solicitors’ negligence. By taking over their claims or beginning professional negligence claims against solicitors, we get our clients the compensation they deserve. We can do the same for you, too.

How Lamb Legal Can Help

For over 7 years, Lamb Legal Solicitors have been helping clients to successfully pursue personal injury claims. During that time, our team of highly qualified and experienced solicitors have developed a reputation for achieving the best results in the shortest possible time. In fact, in the years 2010-2013, we successfully recovered over £10M in compensation claims. So you can be sure that the service we provide to you will meet the highest standard, no matter how small or large your claim.

To get your claim back on track, our solicitors will begin by reviewing your claim in detail. This allows our experts to address any weaknesses in your claim and identify areas where solicitors’ negligence has had an impact. From there, we can work towards improving your claim so that it has the best possible chance of success.

As part of the review, we will see if your claim has been affected by:

  • Solicitors failing to answer you calls, letter or emails
  • Solicitors taking too long to progress your claim
  • Important deadlines being missed
  • Details being overlooked or misinterpreted, such as information from medical records or accident reports
  • Solicitors providing incorrect legal advice
  • Solicitors settling for a compensation amount that is too low

We can also help even if it is too late to take over the claim, for example, if the claim has already been settled for a lower amount than expected. In these cases, we can investigate the details of your claim to find out exactly where your claim was affected by the previous solicitors’ negligence. Once we have identified the neglected areas, we can help you to get compensation from the solicitors. After all, why should you settle for a lower compensation amount, or no compensation at all, just because they didn’t do their jobs properly?

Our solicitors take great pride in their work, as you would expect from experienced professionals. They see other solicitors’ negligence as damaging to not only your claim, but to the legal profession as a whole. So you can be sure that they will do everything possible to make sure you get the compensation and service you deserve.

Should You Change Solicitors?

If your case is ongoing, and you are unhappy with your current solicitors, we would be happy to listen to your concerns and review your claim. If we agree with you and find that your case is being mishandled, we can take over your claim at your request. Despite what some insurance companies and solicitors’ firms would have you believe, it is usually possible to change solicitors (and quite easy too).

But should you change solicitors mid-way through a claim? If you are unhappy with the service you are receiving and are being advised that mistakes have been made, then yes. Even if we find that your current solicitors are doing things correctly and have not been negligent, you may still prefer to change. Sometimes it can just be less stressful to use solicitors you find it easier to work with.

Of course, if your claim has already been settled, but for an amount that you are unhappy with, you already know you need a new solicitor. With our proven track record and commitment to outstanding levels of service, you can be sure Lamb Legal won’t let you down. We’ll make your claim against your previous solicitor as strong as it can possibly be.

Solicitors’ Professional Negligence or No Legal Case?

We appreciate that you may be apprehensive about using Lamb Legal to make a claim against another firm of solicitors. It is easy to imagine solicitors putting up a real fight out of professional pride, resulting in a long, drawn out battle that is expensive and stressful. Take it from us, we have no intention of leading you down that path. That’s why we perform such a thorough review of your claim as the first part of our process.

Our solicitors know the exact procedures that should have been followed with your case, so find it easy to spot the mistakes other solicitors have made. Importantly, we will only advise you to take action against your previous solicitors if there is a strong legal case.

The saying ‘time is money’ is extremely appropriate for the legal profession. If your case against your previous solicitors is strong, they are unlikely to want to dedicate the time and resources required to defend the case, and are far more likely to settle early in proceedings.  So don’t let fear of costs prevent you from making a claim against the poor quality solicitors’ service you have received. We will progress your claim on a no win no be basis so you can be sure that you will not be responsible for the costs of pursuing the case should the claim fail for any reason.

If your case isn’t strong, we will tell you so and advise you on your next course of action. This could involve contacting representative bodies that handle complaints against solicitors.

An Open, Honest Review of your Claim

To make sure you receive the compensation you deserve, we need to find out exactly what went wrong with your claim previously. To do this, one of our team will investigate your claim and look closely at the details of your claim and the legal service you have received. While every case is different, we have found that some of the most common mistakes are:

  • Failure to include claims for financial losses.
  • Missing important court deadlines such as limitation and court directions.
  • Failure to file documentary evidence on time.
  • Misinterpretation of medical evidence.
  • Failure to obtain appropriate medical evidence to substantiate injuries.
  • In some cases, failure to obtain any medical evidence at all.
  • Under-valuation of the claim for damages.
  • Failure to take adequate instructions.
  • Provision of inadequate advice.
  • Failure to obtain court approval in child claims

You may be wondering why these types of mistakes happen at all. After all, your claim has been handled by qualified solicitors already, right? Well, that might not be true, actually. Especially if you have used a legal service that was recommended by an insurance company. Surprised? Let us explain.

Insurance Companies and ‘their’ Solicitors

Many legal firms pay insurance companies for referrals of cases just like yours. These firms are often referred to as ‘claim factories’ as they buy the raw materials (the referrals) and then churn out high numbers of claims as if they were on a production line. Profit takes precedence over service, and so claims are assessed and handled quickly, often without proper care and attention being paid to the details. In some cases, the people working on the claims are not even qualified or experienced legal professionals!

The pressure to produce profit can mean that staff are unable to give each case the care and attention it deserves, and instead provide a ‘by the numbers’ service. In straight-forward cases, this approach can work well, but more complex cases require far more time and attention to detail. If a ‘claim factory’ rushes through your claim rather than looking closely at each aspect of your case, important information can be missed and mistakes made. That is why, each year, there are many professional negligence claims against solicitors who operate in this way.

Solicitors’ Professional Negligence is Unacceptable

It’s not just ‘claim factories’ that make mistakes – solicitors’ firms can also fail to provide you with the level of service you need and expect. Again, there can be many reasons for this:

  • Solicitors do not have the resources to handle all of the claims they have taken on
  • Solicitors face financial constraints and so need to complete cases as quickly as possible
  • Solicitors are working on too many cases at once, leading to mistakes
  • Inexperience leads to assumptions being made and a lack of attention to detail.

At Lamb Legal, we believe that there is no excuse for solicitors’ professional negligence. So if your claim has been rushed through, mishandled, or even dismissed due to solicitors’ incompetence, we’d like to know about it. Working on your behalf, we can get you the compensation you deserve, either from a third party or your previous solicitors.

We’ll Help You to Get the Compensation You Deserve

Don’t assume all solicitors are the same. At Lamb Legal, we have a team of dedicated, experienced and qualified solicitors who take great pride in their work. We hate to see people like you suffer because of other solicitors’ incompetence, and will do everything possible to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Lamb Legal can’t guarantee to turn an unsuccessful claim into a winning one, but we do promise that our qualified solicitors will:

  • Review your claim thoroughly and advise you if you have a case
  • Identify any areas where your claim has suffered due to solicitors’ professional negligence
  • Make sure your case against your previous solicitors is solid. You don’t want the cost and hassle of a drawn out legal battle (and neither do we)
  • Help you change to Lamb Legal for your claim (if possible)
  • Get compensation from your previous solicitors if your claim has been mishandled or the compensation awarded was too low.
  • Make sure your claim is handled correctly and progresses as quickly as possible.

Changing your Solicitors to Lamb Legal

It is easy to change your solicitors to Lamb Legal – all you need to do is get in touch with us and we’ll help you make the change. And remember, in most cases, you do have the right to change your legal representation and choose the solicitors you want. Insurance companies may try to tell you otherwise, but it is rarely the case.

If you are unhappy with your solicitors for any reason, contact our friendly team now.

We will review your claim and let you know if errors have been made or if the claims process should be proceeding more quickly. Then you have the option of allowing us to take over your claim so that it is dealt with professionally. If your claim has already been to court, we can also help you make a claim against solicitors you have used before.