Personal Injury Compensation Case Study

Our Personal Injury expert details a case where we didn’t give up fighting for our client. He was accused of being drunk and stepping out in the road in front of a taxi without looking, resulting in him fracturing both his legs. However, our expert was able to prove that this wasn’t the case and he was being wrongfully blamed.

We are currently negotiating a settlement for a gentleman who suffered fractures to both legs when a taxi hit him as he crossed the road.

For a long time the insurers refused to deal with his claim, alleging that he was drunk and stepped off the kerb without looking. The attending police officer confirmed in his report that our client “smelled of alcohol”.

A barrister had considered the matter and advised that the claim should be dropped. The client vehemently denied being drunk and we felt sure he was an honest witness. We did not want this client to be deprived of damages for injuries that had had a serious impact on his mobility and way of life following the incident.

We set about making enquiries of other emergency services that attended the scene, gathering evidence as to the client’s activities prior to the accident. Through thorough research, we were able to show that our client was not drunk, nor had he simply stepped off the kerb without looking.

The facts were that our client had purchased two cans of beer on his way home from work and was carrying them in the inside pockets of his overcoat. The impact of the collision caused one of the cans to rupture and soak him, hence the smell of alcohol that was apparent to the offending driver and the police officer. The attendance of police and emergency services at the scene meant that evidence that could support our client went unnoticed.

This case is ongoing, but is another example of how we go out of our way for our clients to ensure we make a positive difference in their lives. No-one should have to suffer the accusations or the injuries our client did and we’re here to help.