Accident Claims Solicitors Chester

Accident Claims Solicitors Chester

Accidents, especially if they are the fault of somebody else, can be very traumatic and life changing. In the most serious cases, the injuries received can result in becoming totally reliant on one’s family and / or the health system for support.
You have every right to claim compensation for any suffering and loss received as a result of an accident caused by a third party. In these circumstances, you should consult a personal injury solicitor to assess your situation and make a claim for just compensation.

Lamb Legal Personal Injury Solicitors offer an excellent service in the Chester area and are happy to help you pursue your case for compensation as a result of an accident that you have experienced. The faster one acts after the accident, the more likely that any evidence will be able to be collected and witnesses contacted, so if you have been the victim of an accident at any time in the last three years, then contact one of our solicitors at our office to arrange an appointment.

Lamb Legal have provided a service in the Chester region for many years and have accumulated considerable experience and success in instigating and winning accident compensation claims. We appreciate the stress and emotional effects of an accident and are able to provide simple and clear advice in a tactful and sympathetic way.

Accidents can happen at any time to anybody, even the most careful and the most common accidents that can happen are those that take place on our congested highways. Many people take pride on their driving skills and their attention to the ever changing road conditions, but the simple and unavoidable fact is that accidents can happen out of the blue when somebody else is driving without due care and attention.

Many accidents happen at work or in public places. If you live in and around Chester and you have an accident due to sloppy workplace safety standards or slip or trip over on a neglected road or pavement in a public place or in a shopping centre, then it is quite likely that either your employer, a public authority or a private property owner is responsible for the insufficient safety standards and will be obliged to pay compensation through their insurance company if the situation can be proved.