Accident Solicitors

When we leave our homes each day and head off to work, it never occurs to us that we could have an accident while in the driver’s seat or as a passenger in our own cars.

Any accident, whether it is a collision on one of our busy motorways or at a busy cross roads can be a life changing and tragic experience. In many situations, these accidents often take place because of another person’s poor judgement or the person at fault may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is your legal right to make a compensation claim if you suffer an injury when another person is at fault for inflicting your injuries.

Lamb Legal are true professionals in the personal injury field and our speciality is handling cases of victims of accidents which are due to negligence. It could be caused by the negligent behaviour of a driver or negligence of an employer when it comes to supplying appropriate health and safety items when in the workplace. When you make a visit to our office and we decide that your injury is well placed to receive compensation we will appoint one of our accident solicitors to work on your claim.

Our services are offered on a “no win no fee” basis, so when we have arrived at the final outcome of your case, you will be glad to know that all our legal fees are either covered by us or when a compensation claim has been finalised, by the losing party. We rarely take on cases that we do not have a high chance of winning.

All of our accident solicitors at Lamb Legal have accrued years of successful experience handling personal injury cases and we have great pride in our excellent track record of winning claims for compensation.

Once we have allocated one of our accident solicitors to your case, s/he will at first compile all the required information from you and any other evidence from witnesses and doctors’ reports. A clear assessment of your case for a successful compensation claim will then be made.

Usually, when the third party has admitted responsibility, then the claim will be settled without the necessity of attending a court hearing. The cash payment that you receive will be all yours as the losing party will pay all the legal fees through their own insurance company.