About Us

Lamb Legal are a specialist firm of no win no fee personal injury solicitors, dedicated to getting you the absolute maximum compensation you deserve for your injury or accident.

We are an independent Firm and do not obtain any of our work from third party claims companies. All of our Clients come directly to us and we act on their behalf in pursuing their claims with only their best interests in mind.

Our experienced team of personal injury solicitors offer free, confidential and honest advice, and at Lamb Legal we provide a professional approach to ensure that your compensation claim is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. We always put our clients first, and our aim is to provide you with the maximum compensation available for your personal injury. This is not a statement that we take lightly and we strive to ensure that this is achieved for each and every one of our clients.

Increasingly, we find that Insurance Companies who insure the negligent party are encouraging innocent victims of negligence to settle their claims directly. This is a practice commonly known as ‘third party capture‘. Basically, the Insurer will contact the victim of negligence and seek to settle a claim directly with them without medical evidence instead of the victim having the benefit of sound independent legal advice and evidence which would show the actual extent of damage caused. Whilst you may think that this could be seen as an easy and quick way to settle your claim, this is exactly what the other side want you to think. Please remember that Insurers are using their best endeavours to settle these claims for a figure plucked out of the air. They certainly do not have a victim’s best interests at heart. We believe that this course of action is immoral, inappropriate and unethical and results in significant monetary loss to a victim of negligence. Without the assistance of an independent Solicitor, the public would not not know what their claim was worth. No Solicitor, Claims Company, Insurance Company or otherwise can advise anybody on what their claim is worth without obtaining clear evidence.

The Insurer is simply trying to ‘buy off‘ their risk by offering a small sum of money to ‘see an end to the claim‘ which has been proven to result in far less than what should be recovered.  Lamb Legal continue to campaign for this practice to stop. Victims of accidents need help and assistance and have a right to obtain the correct level of compensation. It is not fair and completely wrong to suggest a sum of money to a member of the public who settles the claim at that point. There have been numerous occasions where the victim has continued to suffer pain and suffering and sadly, because of this appalling behaviour by the Insurers, they have been unable to achieve any more than what they agreed in the days or weeks immediately after the accident took place.

Properly valuing and quantifying a claim for pain and suffering, as well as financial losses may take a bit more time but in our view, it is fundamental in ensuring that you recover the proper compensation payable to you This cannot be done by way of a phone call from the Insurer who does not have the public’s interest at heart. They are, after all, only there to make money for their shareholders.

If you have any further questions, or require more information, please feel free to contact us for free independent legal advice. Complete our online enquiry form, or call our phone number and one of our personal injury solicitors will get back to you.