Why safety cannot be compromised.

June 26, 2019

The recent accident involving a seven year old boy at Lightwater Valley Theme Park is a stark reminder of how accidents can occur in environments where we expect safety to be paramount.

The boy is understood to have fallen between 15 – 30 feet from the ‘Twister’ Rollercoaster ride and was left in critical condition, fighting for his life.

Other visitors to the park spotted the boy hanging out of the Twister cart, a rollercoaster and waltzer combination ride.  He was then seen to fall whilst his mother who was also riding with him, was left helpless as the ride continued with her in it.

The cause of the accident is not yet known and the HSE continue to investigate.

The same ride was involved in an earlier fatal accident which occurred in 2001 when two of the cars collided and a 20 year old female student was killed..

Whilst theme park rides are expected to excite and give the experience of fear, they should not be in operation unless they can do so safely.  

The law requires that occupiers of premises to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of lawful visitors.  There is also an extra requirement under the 1984 Act that children should be guarded against danger.  In short, this means that children are less aware of risk and so care needs to be taken to prevent them from exposing themselves to it.

At Jackson Lees we have unfortunately had to deal with a number of accidents involving theme park rides and funfairs where individuals have suffered avoidable injury; and as a consequence have sustained financial loss to themselves, their parents and also the NHS that has to meet the cost of medical treatment.

We are experienced in dealing sensitively with claims involving serious or fatal injuries.

If you have sustained injury in an accident at a theme park or in any other public place, then contact us now for a free, no obligation chat.